The Art of Sound at Monument Circle

During all open SPARK hours, Big Car Collaborative artists are programming Circle Sounds through the Circle’s amazing audio speakers.

Listen to 24/7 streaming Circle Sounds here:

Circle Sounds also airs afternoons citywide on our community radio station, WQRT 99.1 FM. It’s a mix of upbeat instrumentals — from jazz to world music to pop — that also includes work by local musicians. See playlist below for an idea of what it’s like.

In between batches of songs, we share, instead of commercials, the audio projects artists are creating at the Circle. This includes commissioned poems in response to the Circle (Circle Anthology — hear playlist below), haikus submitted by the public visiting the Circle, quick thoughts by visitors on why they love the Circle, and more.

Read this article by Jim Walker, lead artist on SPARK and executive director of Big Car, about our approach to music in public spaces.