“No More No Place” Sparks Monument Circle with Collaborative Art

“No More No Place” Sparks Monument Circle with Collaborative Art

Curated and organized by Indianapolis multimedia artist and IUPUI professor Jordan MunsonNo More No Place debuted October 19 on the city’s largest stage — and will extend its run for all to see.

This audio-visual collage pairs two-minute instrumental audio works by local composers with eclectic video art beamed onto Monument Circle’s ten-story projection system and played through the 360-degree speakers. The cumulative power of the work, Jordan says, is the best way to bust the old myth of “India-No-Place” once and for all.

Often mysterious images float and fuse, materialize and evaporate across the broad canvas of the building — and in tandem with the ever-changing soundscape — as the city streets and sidewalk below and beyond keep churning. See the list of contributing artists here.

No More No Place, which runs one hour, will show at the Circle between 7 pm and 8:30 pm on these dates:

Saturday, October 22

Sunday, October 23

Tuesday, November 1

Tuesday, November 8

Tuesday, November 15

Tuesday, November 22


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