SPARK: Monument Circle brought extraordinary temporary cultural experiences to Monument Circle. Here’s how:





Spark helps improve quality of life by offering people opportunities to be:

  • Creative — in low-pressure ways, we’ll encourage kids and adults to make art, record or write stories, make music, and see that everyone can and should create
  • Curious — we’ll encourage people to ask why and how things work and participate in joining others in finding these answers
  • Informed — we’ll help people understand the context and history of their community and feel stronger allegiance to it, possibly developing passion for preserving important aspects from the past while furthering the future
  • Adventurous — people will take chances, and try and learn new things
  • Tolerant — people of different backgrounds and cultures will collaborate, socialize, and learn from each other
  • Connected — we’ll help people feel connected to their community and to others, as well as to the arts and cultural offerings of our city
  • Healthy — we’ll help people be healthier by offering physical aspects like relaxing, playing, walking and cycling
  • Happy — by providing positive, playful, and fun activities, we’ll do little things to brighten the lives of those we meet

Other important Spark goals

  • Shows value and importance of programming public spaces with art and artists
  • Helps create a better City Market and Circle long term, good for the city and attracting and retaining residents
  • Helps increase business in the City Market and Monument Circle area
  • Encourages downtown residential life, which boosts value of downtown property
  • Improves visitor experience for tourists and business travelers
  • Demonstrates a proven model for tactical urbanism/placemaking approach that can be applied in other places


Observations gathered during this project will be given to the City of Indianapolis’ Monument Circle Reconstruction and to Project for Public Spaces teams to connect health with quality of life. We’ll also note them in a report on this site.


SPARK uses the tools, techniques and strategies of creative peacemaking, tactical urbanism, and socially engaged art to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Honor the history and civic importance of the space while offering insights and information helpful for planning for future uses of The Indianapolis City Market and Monument Circle
  2. Help improve the quality of life for residents by providing a thriving civic & social space in the center of the City
  3. Provide an enjoyable, memorable, and surprising experience for visitors to Indianapolis.

From the creation of temporary seating and lounge areas, to interactive art projects, performances, games, and more, Spark: Monument Circle seeks to experiment and discover how our city’s most important civic space might be better activated and utilized on a daily basis.


Programming from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday:



✪ Parklets, or parking spots turned into decks with seating for eating, talking, people-watching

The Wagon of Wonders, an artist-designed trailer/mini museum full of art, fun and interactivity

Big Toys, including a foam playground-in-a-box, big Jenga, ping pong tables, and oversized sit-and-spins

Games, including table tennis, foosball, chess, checkers and more