SPARK: Monument Circle


SPARK: Monument Circle will bring extraordinary temporary cultural experiences to Monument Circle.


From the creation of temporary seating and lounge areas, to interactive art projects, performances, games, and more, SPARK: Monument Circle seeks to experiment and discover how our city’s most important civic space might be better activated and utilized on a daily basis. The information gathered during this project will be given to the City of Indianapolis’ Monument Circle Reconstruction team for consideration in the longer-term construction project.

This project uses the tools, techniques and strategies of creative peacemaking, tactical urbanism, and socially engaged art to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Honor the history and civic importance of the space while offering insights and information helpful for planning for future uses of Monument Circle
  2. Help improve the quality of life for residents by providing a thriving civic & social space in the center of the City
  3. Provide an enjoyable, memorable, and surprising experience  for visitors to Indianapolis.


To maximize the spark, we’ll have different themes everyday:

Mellow Mondays encourage quiet relaxing, low-tech, and unplugged experiences

Talking Tuesdays might have a community soapbox, ask an expert station, community conversations, TED talks projected outside, sports talk, and a live broadcast Q&A with interesting people from the community

✪ Walking Wednesdays are days when people meet to walk and talk and take organized, artist/expert-led walks from the Circle to other destinations nearby

✪ Throwback Thursdays  have a focus on history – especially of Monument Circle – and historic preservation

✪ Phono Fridays feature music, sound, and DJs – including crowd-sourced, vinyl, spoken word

✪ Social Saturdays are community days for people to get together, neighborhood groups to have their own days, for people to hang out, play and collaborate with each other

✪ Cycle Sundays will include special programs for bike riders, scooter riders, and motorcyclists – including discounts or prizes for people who ride down to the circle




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