How to propose an art or community activity on the Circle

The door is open for you or your community or group to share a simple proposal for a pop-up experience — performance, workshop, mini event.  Your activity should be playful, inclusive, and interactive. Please look at the questions below to submit a short description of your idea.

Activities should:

  • Be suitable for public spaces and all ages (no explicit, religious, or political content)
  • Be free and self-funded (we do offer staff support, space, and materials if possible)*
  • Take place between 11 am and 2 pm on Monday through Thursday or Friday between 11 am and 9 pm.
  • Be led by a person 18 years or older, or with permission of a parent or guardian

Submissions will be reviewed based on these criteria:

  • Does the idea fit within the spirit of SPARK?
  • Will it happen on one of nine Saturdays between now and Oct. 23?
  • Is it social, inclusive, and engaging?
  • Is it easy enough to implement?
  • Will it appeal to people, especially families?

SPARK staff will work with you to identify a specific time and space for your presentation, if accepted.  Expect to receive a reply from SPARK staff within five days.

Please tell us about: the equipment or materials you’ll use; a link to photos or video or reviews of previous presentation; anything else to help us understand your idea.

*Note: A large number of  local artists (musicians, writers, visual artists, social practice artists, performers) are being commissioned to work for Spark on a paid basis. The open call is an opportunity to facilitate additional ideas that are beyond the limitations of our budget and planning period.

Email your proposal to [email protected].